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My Story – Surviving The Bubble

SPRING BLOGGER/INFLUENCER EVENT CHANDLER, ARIZONA Here is the invite for the Blogger/Influencer event next week. I’m SO excited to be speaking at this event and meet so many amazing LDS influencers in the Arizona area. This event will be informational, fun and help motivate all of us to share goodness and help each other.  Free … Continue reading Spring Blogger/Influencer Event, Chandler, AZ

Every year I like to start off with a new word that will kind of be my theme for the year.  I choose a word that defines the biggest thing I want to focus on for that entire year.  It’s like one, big giant goal that I hope to get something out of for at least … Continue reading Gifts vs Talents: Why they are very different

When I decided to share my story with the world, I was scared….terrified actually. I have wanted to help the childhood cancer community and the depression/suicide community my entire life. I have wanted to write a book since I was 10 years old and I wanted to be a speaker for the LDS church. These … Continue reading Finally Owning Who I Am

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. In honor of that, I want to share with you my absolute favorite childhood cancer charities and organizations that help in so many ways.  Over the years I have worked with several different charities, both personally and for donation and volunteering. I have a few favorites, just based … Continue reading My Favorite Childhood Cancer Charities

Growing up I wanted more than anything to be a mommy. I played with only Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbies and always made my brother play “house” with me. The only role I ever wanted to play was that of Mommy. In fact, for most of my childhood and teen years I had a hard time … Continue reading Motherhood After Childhood Cancer

Living a Double Life I am an actress.  I don’t get paid and I don’t get to soak up the limelight on the big screen, but I am dang good at my job.  For most of my life, I have been able to convince the people around me that I am one of the happiest … Continue reading Living a Double Life

I Feel Guilty to be Alive You’ve seen it in the headlines before; “The sole survivor of a car accident”, or “Only a few survivors from the earthquake that destroyed a city”  Or how about “Today we are talking to the survivors of last week’s school shooting” Have you ever imagined to yourselves how those … Continue reading I Feel Guilty to be Alive

The Time I Almost Met Michael Jackson, My Make A Wish Story When I was at CHLA for a chemotherapy treatment in April, we had a nurse come into the room and talk to us about the Make A Wish Foundation.  The nurse showed me a brochure with ideas and told me that I could … Continue reading The Time I Was Too Sick to Meet Michael Jackson, My Make A Wish Story

Miracle #5 and Bone Marrow Transplants Newspaper ad run in my local paper in Henderson, Nevada to help with medical bills for my family.  The title was Car Was Donations Benefit Leukemia Victim From the very beginning of this whole process, we were told that the only cure for AML was a bone marrow transplant.  The … Continue reading Miracle Number 5 and Bone Marrow Transplants

The End of the life in the “Bubble Room” The days and nights spent in the “bubble room” seemed to never end. My schedule was strictly enforced every day.  Regular visits with the counselors, child life specialist, and homeschool every day.  I did not like my teacher.  She was an older lady that was supposed to … Continue reading The End of life in the “Bubble Room”