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Fabulous Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2017, Free Printable – Surviving The Bubble

I don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love that there is a day dedicated just to my kids showing me how much they love me. It’s not about the gifts, but being surrounded by those little beings that made me a mother in the first place. There are always sweet kisses, homemade breakfast or dinner and handmade cards in their sweet handwriting. They are always so happy to give and see me happy on this day, and I have sweet reminders of how blessed I am. I also get to remind my own mother of just how special she is as well as some of my dearest friends.

I have some simple, yet beautiful gift ideas for that special mom in your life, or to go on your list this year. My family knows one of my favorite places to go and get something special for me is Deseret Book! I love that I can receive a gift and the Spirit all in one. 

This little book, Once There Was a Mom, by Emily Watts is the perfect gift this year. Such a sweet book that children will be happy to watch you read. I laughed and cried and was quickly reminded that I am enough. The adorable illustrations show the highs and lows of being a mom, but bring it all together in one adorable story of why moms are so important.

Go check it out today and if you have a mailer from Deseret Book, they have a coupon for the month of May attached to it.

Also, if your mom loves music as much as I do, check out these brand new albums for some uplifting music. City of Enoch is a new trio that sings beautiful hymns and remind me a lot of Lady Antebellum, one of my all time favorite country groups.  Their voices are gorgeous and harmonize so beautifully in this album. My favorite so far is Sweet Redeemer, although I really do love them all.

Here is a video with clips from their entire album.

Also, always a favorite is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and they have a brand new album entitled “Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Friends”. I was so excited when I saw the “Beauty & The Beast” song with the original Angela Lansbury. PERFECTION!

Make sure you go to your local Deseret Book store for all of the above items, of you can shop online at

And because I loved the Once Upon a Mom book so much, I made a FREE printable for you all with one of my favorite parts from the book. Now you can have a little piece of it on your desks to constantly remind you of your sweet blessings that call you MOM.

The printable is for an 8×10, but can be sized down to a 5×7.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there who do so much, and yet feel like they do so little. YOU are amazing and loved and doing a FANTASTIC job! 

XOXO, Jamie

**Sponsored post by Deseret Book**